Grassroots Development


Grassroots Development focuses no Identifying individuals from our After School Program (ASP) and enabling them with the best possible facilities to enhance their performance using methodical approach.
A roadmap with a directive to achieve success along our qualified and certified trainers/coaches. A batch of 1:15 ratio will be put in place to ensure optimum overall performance of this program.

After School program
After School program

Summer Camp

GRASPORT Summer Camp programs that involve the students in challenging outdoor sports and physical activities, bifurcated amongst different age group namely Under 8, Under 12 and Under 15. Children will train amongst their respective age group along with age appropriate physical and sports activities from our exclusive UK based Sports and Physical Education Curriculum. The session include: Warm-Up Exercises, Main Session (Sports or Physical Activity) & Cool-Down Exercises.

Long Term Athlete Development Program

We are introducing an approach called ‘5000 Hour Rule’ where the athlete will be put under a long-term intensive skill development program that helps in improving the skills specific to the sport. Based on the skill set and the age category, we split the athletes into different groups and focus on each individual to bring the best out of him/her.

Age Categories

5 – 9 Years
10 – 12 Years
13+ Years

Our program also includes

Sports Nutrition
Sports Psychology
Strength & Conditioning
Technology based Video Analysis
Guest Sessions