Sports & Physical Education

Sports & Physical Education is very important for children in their Growing stage. Out Integrated Sports Program focuses on Holistic Development of Children, we concentrate on physical and mental wellness.
Our programs are designed to impart students with essentials – Leadership, Teamwork, Learning different Sports, Confidence, Facing defeat and maintaining humility in victory.

UK Based Curriculum
Grasport presents UK’s Top Physical Education Curriculum Providers, supported with Technology a well-articulated Structured Sports & Physical Education curriculum which covers every age group.
This curriculum focuses on educating students with a variety of sports, skills and attributes such as flexibility, motor skills, agility, hand-eye coordination, core strength, muscle memory, reaction time etc.
This program is also followed in Australia, Europe and Dubai.
Certified Physical Education Educators
Grasport Physical Education Educators will be certified and qualified, and trained by our partners from the UK to ensure high quality delivery of the program.
ABall 1: Learning through Physical Activity
At Grasport, we understand the need of young children and are committed to make learning interactive and fun. For the first time in India, we are aligning academics and sports with a structured curriculum to learn mathematics and literature with our ABall1 methodology.
Children can learn literature and mathematics – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division & fractions etc, with our innovative sports curriculum.

The Delivery of Sports & Physical Education Program

Structured Curriculum

A comprehensive directory of detailed plans supported by videos and resources, that provides teachers with the tools to deliver active, fun and challenging lessons in line with the National and International Curriculums.

Curriculum Control – Technology Integration

Grasport Technology Integration enables you to set up electronic registers and monitor student’s participation and competition by groups e.g., gender, age, activities/sport etc.

Visible Benefits of the Curriculum

Show evidence and the impact of teaching and learning. We allow all staff to store videos and photographs of the sessions and use said data to assess the benefits for better application of the program. The perfect tool for monitoring and an invaluable tool for moderation and CPD.


Simple assessment of the child's assessment against their ability to perform; to work collaboratively and to compete. Our tracking, builds a profile of the individual's attainment and progress as well as progress across year groups and the whole school. A dream for any PE subject leader!

Attendance and More

In a blink of an eye monitor which students are regularly injured; forgetting kit or even absent on the day you conduct PE classes/sessions. The Passport highlights non-participants allowing you to act and implement effective strategies.

Videos and diagrams

Short, simple clips and diagrams supporting lesson delivery with instructions allowing insights to session with teacher voice-overs capturing the activities set out in the plan.

Reports and Analysis

The software allows you to draw down and share reports on the standard of PE across the school as well as participation and competition. All supported by video and photographic evidence!


Powerful for students providing data and their attitudes towards PE and their perceptions of progress. Our self-assessment is quick for children to use and purposeful in supporting their learning progress, as well as key in supporting student’s journey with physical literacy.


We recommend using formative (ongoing) assessment each lesson using the principles of AFL. At the end of each unit users can make a summative assessment against children’s ability to perform, their Personal and Social Development and their attainment in competing using the formative assessments gathered over the course the unit. EYFS children are assessing against age and stage related outcomes in the Early Learning Goals.


UK based curriculum
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Sports Psychology
Sports Nutrition
Injury Management
Human Value
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