Grasport Tourism



The term ‘SPORTS TOURISM’ means tourism that is based on the theme of sports. It refers to a specific travel outside the usual environment for active involvement in competitive sport. Sports tourism strengthens national heritage, identity, and community spirit as local people join together to promote their culture. Sports Tourism helps in exchanging knowledge with other international athletes on game standards and technicalities on the way sport is played. In simple words sports Tourism is a combination of sports activities and travel wherein it consists of two categories.

Active Sports Tourism

Travel for the purpose of participating in a sport or to get trained in a sport of your choice.

Passive Sports Tourism

Travelling for the purpose of visiting a mega sports event, stadium tours, sport museums.

Performance Development

At Grasports, we give out most importance to the development of every single Athlete (Player) in each and every aspect of the way game in played in different regions, this plays a crucial role in athlete gaining knowledge over the sport in any given conditions.

We organize International tours to the Athletes from Age 11 at our partner sports academies around the world. Some the major sports destinations in the world like UK, Dubai, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain.

What We Deliver

  • Well Qualified and experienced International sports coaches. Where the child will gain knowledge on the way sport is played in different countries and technicalities of the game.

  • Matches and Training sessions will be organised during the course of the stay.

  • Athletes will get an opportunity to meet the international stars and have on ground sessions which will eventually help the athlete in improving their game.

  • Stadium tours will be organised, where the players get to experience their favorite stadiums.

  • A dedicated day for the athletes to end their tour by visiting the touristic spots in the touring country.

  • Player’s safety is our out most priority during the tour, all the safety and security measures will be followed by Grasport during the entire duration of the tour.

School Sports Tours

With our School Sports Tourism we plan Domestic & International school excursions to children with sports themes involved. They can watch their favourite Team/Player play the sport or go for adventure sports tours around the world. Children will learn the art of sustainability, discipline, confidence, self belief through these tours.

Our School Sports Tourism Package Include
  • Match tickets at a cheaper rate for the selected matches.

  • Tailored Stadium Tours to witness the Field of Play

  • Adventure Sports camping

  • Campfire Activities

  • Exploring the beautiful countryside, City life, Museums and lot more fun activities.

Tour Includes

  • Providing Visa Assistance.

  • Booking the cheapest and fastest flights to the major destinations.

  • 3 Star Accommodation facilities.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included.

  • Transportation will be provided.

  • Stadium Tours

  • Grasport Jersey Kit

Mega event Tourism

Mega event Tourism is where all the sports enthusiast from around the world travel to their sports destination to watch their favorite Team/Player play. We are on a mission to promote sports tourism around world make travel accessible to every sports lover and provide an experience that will last for a life time.

Our package Include

  • Match tickets at a cheaper price for the selected matches.

  • Tailored Stadium Tours to witness the Field of Play.

  • Providing Visa Assistance.

  • Booking the cheapest and fastest flights to the major destinations.

  • 3 Star Accommodation facilities with a Lavish Breakfast.

  • Traveler Hostel accommodations for young sports enthusiasts who wants to enjoy the sports atmosphere and socialize with the fellow travelers from different countries. Where you will never regret a moment for being in a traveler hostel. (Not recommended for children).

  • Transportation from Stadium to Hotel during the match day and stadium tours.